Working with Timeshare Brokers

Of the many different types of real estate available for purchase, a timeshare is among the most confusing. Because of this, there is no one better suited to assist you in buying a timeshare than a knowledgeable, licensed timeshare broker.

By working with a timeshare brokerage company or independent timeshare broker, not only will you be getting the most current information about the industry, you will safely avoid the added costs of buying from a developer and the potential headache of dealing with a current owner.

SellMyTimeshareNow can refer you to our affiliated timeshare brokers, all of whom are licensed real estate agents. These licensed timeshare agents can field inquiries from both buyers and sellers, and they are well placed to handle the many tasks necessary to bring the two sides together and complete the transaction to everyoneís satisfaction.

Why Buy with a Timeshare Broker?

  • Discounted Prices: When you buy a timeshare resale, you can save up to 70% off the retail price you would pay when purchasing straight from the developer. Our timeshare brokers are committed to negotiating on your behalf to make sure you receive the best price possible.
  • Dedicated Service: Our affiliated, licensed timeshare brokers are intimately familiar with the countless ownership options available to on the resale market and know how to find the resort you want for the price you want. Dedicated to providing you a hassle-free timeshare purchasing experience, they are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction at every step along the way.
  • Trustworthy Resource: Our licensed real estate brokers are the most knowledgeable and experienced resale agents in the industry. We will make sure you never fall victim to any timeshare scam or get caught overpaying for an ownership you could get for less. When you purchase a timeshare through an established and trusted resale company, your money is kept secure in escrow until the deed has been cleared for transfer.

If you would like more information on timeshare brokerage or would like to get started  buying a timeshare, contact one of our representatives today.

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